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The National Stigma About Rules: To follow or not to follow

As we celebrated our 73rd Independence Day in 2019, we must look back and see what we have achieved in the past. We have achievements to celebrate and glorify. We have developed a strong, peaceful image of our country on a global map. From agriculture, sports, politics, music to medical, space research, technology; India has […]

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Electric Two-Wheeler Market Scenario: The Boom and Beyond…

It’s a tricky situation for a two-wheeler buyer in India. With the government going all berserk with electrification one has to choose an efficient option for mobility in future. Recently, automakers have started introducing their electric vehicles in the market. One can say that the electric market is at the initial stage. It is also […]

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Agricultural Equipment Industry: Market Players Who Are Making The Opportunity Count

Farming technologies have improved substantially in the last few years. As the urban areas started flooding with the rural population, agriculture faced a crunch situation. Industrial development meant new housing, as well as road infrastructure, was necessary. Farming land was utilized to fulfil this requirement. Scarcity of fertile land leads to maximize utilization of available […]

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Bus Seating System: The Future Looks Promising

“A developed country is not a place where the poor have cars. It’s where the rich use public transportation” – Gustavo Petro It is difficult to convince people to use public transportation. They always ask questions about the condition of public transportation. On the other hand, the car industry is rocketing with new innovations and […]

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Are You Ready to Buy a Car with NCAP Safety Ratings?

Last year, in December 2018, Tata Nexon became first made in India car to achieve 5-star ratings from Global NCAP. This achievement not only earned praise for TATA Motors but also created an alert among other automotive manufacturers. A few years back, Global NCAP tested Indian top selling cars for safety. The results were depressing. […]

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How Lithium-ion Batteries Making Electric Dream Come True…

It’s a famous dialogue in Indian automotive market, “Kitna deti hai…” but it will be soon replaced by “kitna chalti hai…” Yes, that’s right. The market will be turned upside down and we will see electric cars running everywhere. And rather than asking for fuel efficiency the talking point will be electric range. The electric […]

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Why ‘Electric Bus’ is the Only Solution For Public Transportation in India…

India has a population of more than 130 crores. The population is a major cause for health, sanitation, nutrition and employment issues. India already witnessing rapid urbanization. Cities are flooded with people looking for food, shelter and jobs. It has put some serious stress on basic facilities like water, health, sanitation and transportation. India’s top […]


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