We offer all types of Meshing for plastic and Sheet Metal Components. We maintain the criteria which is advised from client side which is crtitical in terms of quality.  We use industry recommended software Hypermesh for meshing.

Crash Analysis

We carry vehicle crash tests under specific condition and environment to check their validation. This process makes easy to understand how a product will behave in a given environment.

We perform structural analysis to determine the effect of load on physical structures and their components. It is used to determine the strength of a product by computing stress and deformations in structure.

Structural Analysis

Ctrine performs fatigue and durability analysis to predict product life cycle. Our engineers are experts in performing durability analysis and provide solutions which help develop a product with better timeline. In this analysis, we apply specific load to the structure to assess the stress and find breaking point.

MBD is a study of dymanic behaviour of multiple interconnected bodies. With the help of MBD you can model, analyse, simulate and optimize the arbitrary motion of possibly thousands of interconnected bodies.


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