Ctrine Engineering is introducing E-Mobility Services for the first time. We provide a comprehensive service covering E-mobility, hybrid electric vehicles and full electric vehicles. We will help you overcome challenges in hybrid and battery electric vehicle development…

With increasing demand and awareness for low-carbon technologies, we help you overcome your challenges in the hybrid and battery electric vehicle development. We provide a comprehensive service covering E-mobility, hybrid electric vehicles and full electric vehicles product development for all markets and applications…

The benchmarking may cover any aspect of the market, competition, existing products e.g. driveline as well as vehicle level evolution including, but not limited to, hardware, performance, design or a specific solution, depending on the customer requirements. Our experts provide strategies based on benchmark analysis, market analysis, future trends and competitor analysis…

Powertrain Integration

Hybrid vehicles have far more complex powertrains than the ones found in conventional vehicles. Integration of additional components, such as e-machine, energy storage devices/ battery and a high-voltage vehicle electrical system, dictates a lot of considerations in terms of package and powertrain both geometrically and electrically.

With increasing degree of hybridisation towards electrification of powertrains (micro hybrid à mild hybrid à plug-in hybrid à fully electric) vehicle architecture is highly influenced. For example, large energy storage devices (batteries, super-capacitors etc.) must be an integral part of the body in white…

Research & Technology


Innovative thinking and design thinking is embedded in Ctrine’s culture. Our consultants are technocrats with managerial flair. We can assist you in creating new ideas, evaluating business cases and devising new business models and strategies.

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Performance Solutions

For complete new product development and/ or expansion and modularisation of the existing product line, the performance of the vehicle defines the success or failure of the new launch. Calculating theoretical performance and evaluating it to real life conditions.

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Range Predictions

The most ambiguous part of the electric vehicle is the driving range on a single charge. The driving range depends on many parameters such as ambient pressure, temperature…

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Drive Cycle Definition

A driving cycle is a series of data points representing the speed of a vehicle versus time. Driving cycles are produced by different countries and organizations to assess performance…

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Component Sizing

Depending on the load, weight, aerodynamic & friction performance your vehicle and other parameters, the power requirement for the vehicle is calculated for a specific driving cycle.

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