Founder Director
Milind Kulkarni

“Perfection and Dynamism stand on the pillars of Passion and Dedication“.

Milind — the Founder Director of CTRINE engineering private limited is no exception to this quote. The vibrance of his Passion can be felt through the value system he has developed at Ctrine.
By virtue of his technical skills and an extrapolative mindset, he can easily understand the untold stories of his Clients, their Designs and their Technologies. Milind was at a great discomfort when he saw the greatness of modern technologies. His discomfort wasn’t for the greatness. It was for the paramount costs that were associated to make these technologies Safe for use. This was where his journey began..

He started exploring opportunities that contributed towards Safety within the Engineering Industry. He worked with a few top notch companies from grass root levels to managerial designations. This experience planted a seed for development and progression in his career path. He understood that Safety couldn’t be valued at times because the costs that were associated with Physical Safety Testing and Analysis were truly paramount. He planned to work out a solution on it. Later, with a deep thought and a transforming concept, he floated Ctrine Engineering Pvt Ltd in Pune. With this wisdom Milind says, “I understand, Physical Testing is absolutely unavoidable in some cases. But when I started studying and working on such areas where the costs could be reduced, solutions could executed.”
His Passion, Dedication, Expertise, Dynamism and Knowledge equally contributed in building Ctrine as one of the best engineering firm in Virtual Testing and Analysis. He also conducts social programmes and participates in activities that create safety awareness across people.