With years of multi-disciplinary experience across verticals, cultures and geographies, our clients want their standards and way of working incorporated at low cost locations. Consequently there is a need for someone to provide the knowhow, methodologies and management practices. Ctrine engineering delivers these need of ‘Continuous improvement mechanism’ by offshore development centre, in specialised verticals for our clients. In the current economic climate, many industries are facing challenges emanating from a larger macro economic situation that forces them to question old ways of doing things and do things in new ways, without losing their core DNA, what makes them tick. To prepare business for the economic upturn, companies must be willing to question their quality of work, practices and be able to cut costs and Ctrine engineering can do this for you, in addition to the Logistics and Management. Supply Chain Management, Aero Interiors, Ship Design are examples of such work and to built our portfolio successfully in areas relying on our management competence though we may not have had prior domain experience.